Sizer 2020

With WoodWorks® Sizer, size beams, joists, columns, wall studs and panels constructed from lumber, timber, glulam, structural composite lumber (LSL, LVL, PSL), steel (W and HSS), wood I-joists and CLT.

      • Specify dead, live, snow, wind, seismic, and other load types distributed as point, line, area, triangular and trapezoidal loads for up to 100 loads per member

      • Analyzes all load combinations as per the National Building Code of Canada (NBC), including pattern loading and concentrated live loads

      • Designs for all critical load combinations for shear, bending, deflection, vibration, and bearing as per the CSA O86 Standard

      • Optimizes structural member sizes using material database and generates a material list for design

      • Includes editable database to add or modify custom wood materials

Design Structures – Concept Mode

      • Configure and design wood structures up to 6 storeys for gravity loads

      • Structural members are transferable to the Beam or Column Mode for detailed analysis

Design Structural Members – Beam and Column Mode

      • Designs structural members including single or multi-span, cantilevered, and inclined beams and joists, wall studs, columns, beam-columns and CLT panels

      • Designs W-shaped steel beams and HSS steel columns using CSA S16
      • Generates shear, bending moment and deflection diagrams

      • Designs for bearing, notches, and Simpson Strong-Tie beam and joist hangers

      • Designs for fire resistance

      • And much more!

Yearly Subscription Fee: $175

Subscription benefits

      • Free Technical Support on the latest version of the software
      • Automatically receive updates/new versions

Licensing details

Concurrent licensing: floating license that can be used on any number of computers. Each license purchased grants one simultaneous use of the software. License Agreement.

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The 3 Day trial period starts upon installation.