Shearwalls 2020

WoodWorks® Shearwalls, design light wood frame structures up to 6 storeys. At the push of a button, wind and seismic loads are generated, forces are distributed, and shearwalls are designed.

      • Automatically generates wind loads as per NBC Static Procedure or Low Buildings Procedure

      • Automatically generates seismic loads following the NBC Equivalent Static Force Procedure

      • Distributes lateral loads to shear lines according to flexible and rigid diaphragm analyses

      • Distributes lateral loads within shear lines based on shearwall stiffness or capacity

      • Designs shearwalls with or without hold-downs
      • Optimizes shearwall design by iterating and automatically selecting the most economical sheathing (plywood, OSB or gypsum) and nailing patterns

      • Includes designs of shearwall sheathing and nailing for out-of-plane wind loads

      • Calculates shearwall deflection using “3-term” or “4-term” deflection equations

      • Checks storey drift for wind and seismic as per NBC requirements

      • Automatically detects seismic irregularities and implements corresponding NBC provisions
      • Determines anchor bolt and drag-strut forces

      • Allows additional manual load inputs for shearwall design

      • Import .pdf, .bmp, .wmf and .emf files from AutoCAD as templates for floor layouts

Detailed and transparent reporting of results, including:

      • One-page design summary of all critical design results and alerts

      • Shearwall materials summary table (for developing a shearwall schedule)

      • Shearwall force versus resistance tables
      • Shearwall deflection and wind and seismic storey drift tables

      • Hold-down design tables

      • Sheathing and nail withdrawal design table for wind pressure

      • Drag-strut force tables

      • Tabulated results for wind and seismic load generations and torsional analysis

      • And much more!

Did you know? Modelling a structure is quick and easy: start from a blank slate or use a pdf or wmf file as a template. See our video showing how typical buildings can be modeled in minutes!

Yearly Subscription Fee: $200

Subscription benefits

      • Free Technical Support on the latest version of the software
      • Automatically receive updates/new versions

Licensing details

Concurrent licensing: floating license that can be used on any number of computers. Each license purchased grants one simultaneous use of the software. License Agreement.

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The 3 Day trial period starts upon installation.