Connections 2020

With WoodWorks® Connections, you can design connections consisting of nails, lag screws, wood screws, bolts, shear plates, heavy steel plates, and more. The results are displayed as fully dimensioned CAD quality drawings.

      • Model single-shear or double-shear wood-to-wood, wood-to-steel and wood-to-concrete connections with multiple configurations

      • Iterates through fastener database for design optimization and produces a material list for fastener options

      • Generates a detailed and transparent display of connection analysis and design results

      • Produces fully dimensioned drawings with some drawings exportable as .dxf files for use in AutoCAD

      • Includes editable database to add or modify custom wood materials

Yearly Subscription Fee: $60

Subscription benefits

      • Free technical support
      • Automatically receive updates/new releases

Licensing details

Concurrent licensing: floating license that can be used on any number of computers. Each license purchased grants one simultaneous use of the software. License Agreement.

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The 10 day trial period starts upon installation.