Building Officials

Building Officials: Free WoodWorks®

Now building officials have free access to the most widely used wood engineering software in the US and Canada.  Use is limited to plans review within the building department (2 copies per department), and should be ordered by one contact per office.

Step 1: Download and install the software

2_flag_CANADA Canadian Version   (August 12, 2019)

2_flag_USA  U.S. Version

Step 2: Open one of the WoodWorks programs. A registration Keycode window will open, and you will be prompted for a keycode. At the bottom of this window you will see a Software ID.

Step 3: Email this unique Software ID to WoodWorks Sales along with the following information:

  • Contact/User name (one per building department)
  • Building Department name
  • Address of Building Department
  • Contact telephone number and extension
  • Contact email address

Step 4: Upon verification of your building official status, a unique keycode will be emailed, limited for use within the building department.